Fashion “Icon Rihanna

In a modern day society, we have some of the most iconic fashion designers of our time. Some of the greats include Diane Von Furstenburg, Stella Mccartney, Prada, Lanvin, Chanel, Alexander McQueen , and many more. With every designer having a unique style and an array of adornments and textiles being used, it’s no wonder why we have the best looking stars, bar none. That is why we are so smitten with their fashion sense, thay have the best, the finest, and look top notch. Textiles of our time include luxurious silks, tulle, organza, chiffon, fine leather, cashmere and much more. No one wonder why they look like a million bucks, their outfit costs a million bucks!!! 


   Rihanna has had a very powerful influence not only vocally, but fashionably as well. Millions of girls and adults alike either look up to her or are influenced by her on a daily basis. Her music has an exceptional way of transcending feelings, along with raw emotion. It is easy then to see the impact that musicians and pop stars can have on us and what we wear. Fashion isn’t just about clothing it is a state of mind. It is the attitude and feeling you get from the clothing.


How about fashion icon Rihanna? Most of us know Rihanna as a music artist, but do you know about the impact she has had in the fashion world? She has a unique fashion style all her own. Her style is fierce and daring. She is not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion. She is a risk taker, but she knows how to pull it off. Rihanna often mixes prints, colors, textures, and often will mix together high fashion pieces with everyday garments. Rhianna constantly keeps us thinking , “What is she going to wear next?” That is what we love about her.





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