FASHION INDUSTRY-” The Scariest Role/Models”

   I know all my fashionistas out there have picked up a recent copy of their favorite fashion magazine lately. I want you to go back and look at the images that are being portrayed in the fashion advertisements. Are you seeing what I am seeing? The images of the models  are getting so rediculous that they barely remain a whole figure of a person, they are but a mere fragment on paper. Here are some images of  fashion models that are very common today and are leaving strong impressions on are young children male and female. Don’t think it is just the young girls it is also the young males. I am not only talking about airbrushed images, but check these photos of real models out, and then tell me what you think! (At the bottom of this page)

What steps do you propose we take in order to change these images as being socially acceptable? What do we need to do in order to stop this?  


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