Tori Spelling on husband DEAN McDermott’s Accident

Tori Spelling says husband Dean McDermott isn’t the only one recovering from his motorcycle accident.

Dean Mcdermott 43, has been home from the hospital, but his children including “daddy’s boy,” according to Tori Spelling: Liam, 3, and their daughter Stella age 2, are having to adjust to life with their currently injured father, who is healing from a punctured lung.

“It’s hard,” Tori Spelling, 37, has told “PEOPLE,” at Dairy Queen’s, “Turn Blizzards Into Smiles event,”
in Los Angeles on Friday.

“It’s hard because Liamwants attention from daddy Dean, and Liam wants him to pick him up. We have to explain that daddy’s sick, and that he’s hurt, and he can’t get up,”according to Spelling.

Spelling also says, “there’s no way to predict how long before her husband is back to normal until he begins rehab. ”


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