Man Molests 3 girls-Brighton, MI Daycare

 Hello everyone,

   I usually write about fashion because that is what I love, fashion, but 

something very disturbing has happened and I feel that it is my duty bring

it to everyone’s attention. I am referring to an article I found on “click on,” regarding  an eighteen year old man that has molested three

girls ages 4, 8, and another girl under age 13. This is so disturbing to me. 

According to the article, Dakota Marshall Whitley  molested young girls at

 his mothers home where she held a daycare center in Brighton, MI.

 What is worse, he had molested  prior to  this instance. To add insult

 to injury he is expected to get close to the minimum sentence as part

 of a plea deal. These girls will forever be scarred from this horrible

violation of their  innocence. What does the moletster get? A free ride.

      This breaks my heart that this has happend to these girls, and

unfortunately this happens much  closer to home than you may 

think, and more frequently. What is wrong with our system?

 We need to change our system, this is obsurd that this goes on

 in this country. Thank God  that they revoked their license, but

 the sad truth is that another one will open  up somewhere else

and it will happen again.

   In the state of the economy it is hard to make ends meet for

most of us, especially with the mortgage crisis going on, let

 alone  coming home from the two jobs that we worked trying

 to  provide for our children, only to find out something terrible 

has happend to them.

All my readers out there please reply to the following questions:

   How do you propose we change our laws?

 How do we become an advocate for our children 

that  don’t have a voice? How do we protect them? 

I would love to hear my readers thoughts and comments on

answers to these questions. Let’s become educated so we can

 protect our loved ones. Thank You!          

Here is the website to the article:


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