Detroit Fashion Week-Haute Couture

DFW Couture showcase was spectacular! Not only was

 Miss Lauren Turner (the cw50 Detroit Gossip Girl) a

fantastic host, but the designers for DFW SS 2011 showed

 up and showed out.”Detroit Fashion Week” designers 

included Beula Cooley’s collection which was fabulous.

Beula’s collection included an array of designs in a color

 palette that included mint -green for a “Spring Fever”

look.  The designer herself was wearing a hot pink  shawl

 which happens to be falls “In” color. She looked so classy!

        The Uneek Collection show cased their signature

 urban wear look with a touch of class. Models wore a

 texturized white button down shirt with their signature

 logo on an off white-colored jacket. Trim on the jacket

included yellow and black trim. Sunglasses were a great

compliment to the ensemble.

   Props goes to “Ooche Wear” clothing designer Reggie

 Robinson for his  classy ladies collection in a  black

 color scheme. His designs included clothing for the bold

 fashion  conscious woman.

      Fashion designer Terra Bonhart, a former model and

seamstress, hit the nail on the head with her collection

 of jeans designed to lift the  backside for women. Terra

incorporates a unique stitching technique  with a woven

cotton spandex  for  stretch which conforms to the

 body’s curves.

   Other Couturier’s included JA Aparell with an equisite

 design concept. Fashion Couturier Lela  Bocci, daughter

of fashion designer Katerina Bocci, included art

reminiscence,  lace , and silk into her designs.

    Brytnei Massanotti was simply inspiring  with her

take on  1930’s to mid- 20th century clothing styles

 which included Baroque, Rococco, Classical, Edwardian, and

and Victorian styles of clothing.  She represented those

 era’s in costume history well. Bocci’s collection was

brilliant and you could clearly  see her passion in the

 construction and arrangement of her beautiful designs.

Truely a magnificient designer to watch out for.

   Last but certainly not least was   Fleurty by JL designs

 which showcased her soft designs . JL says,”her skirts

are considered her soft designs, and her hard designs are

her corsets.” Her collection was very impressive, and a

 perfect addition for the “Spring 2011,” season.

All of the designers did  an amazing job. A big thanks

goes out to all of the designers for their hard work and

fantastic collections.  Detroit has amazing talent!



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