By: Susan Masters

   Love is an emotion! Life is an experience! Swagger is an expectation! LOVE …LIFE …SWAGGER… is a company that has style, class, and elegance. Trellis Mercer, creator of “L.L.S,” envisioned a fashion, apparel, and entertainment website that would allow him to showcase his own special pieces, “hot off the presses,” as well as other “Haute” designers, not to mention web pages dedicated to the most up to date information in the entertainment industry, featured all on one website.

   Trellis Mercer’s vision became a reality when he launched LOVE …LIFE …SWAGGER… in the spring of 2009. The idea for his company came to him one day in 2008 when he was driving to a job that he was less than pleased with, working in the financial sector. Since, then Trellis has hosted several events in and around Metro Detroit including fashion shows. Mercer continues to work diligently on making his brand a national seller. He will stop at nothing to become a world renowned fashion guru and iconic figure in the fashion and entertainment industry, modeling himself after his inspiration, Sean “Puffy” Combs.

   Trellis developed his signature style at a young age by wearing suspenders, bow ties, and Jogging suits by his favorite designer Ralph Lauren. His style of today emulates in his clothing designs such as the creation of the tuxedo which exudes a confidence in the modern man. His clothing is not just for males, he has a fan base of women who wear his distinct clothing apparel as well.

   Trellis Mercer is known for fashion forward clothing and for breaking the boundaries of fashion. He is currently working on a new line of LOVE …LIFE… SWAGGER…t-shirts. Mercer has branded his company not just as a “fashion movement,” but also as a “lifestyle movement.” Stay tuned for a fashion icon in the making!

Behind The Scenes with Trellis Mercer-
Q & A

Q: Where are you when you’re typically inspired?

A: Well…(pause) most of the time when I am inspired I am in my car driving or at home sitting in my living room with the TV on surfing the internet. Usually these are the times that my mind wonders free and my creative side can come to light. Inspiration to create and design for me comes from within and is something that comes naturally for me as well.

Q: What are your rituals when you’re in your creative zone? What’s the setting?

A: “Mm mm Mm mm” (clearing my throat) Rituals? (laugh) No rituals, unless you want to include a glass of Moscato as a ritual….no I’m just kidding, but when I am in a creative zone I am listening to music or watching TV, however I’m never really doing what it looks like I am doing. If I am watching TV, I’m really looking at what the actors and actresses are wearing or if I’m listening to music, I’m thinking about how to tie in things that are relevant in music into my designs and clothing. The setting is typically at night…

Q: Everyone’s their own worst critic, how critical are you of yourself on a scale from 1 to 10?

A: Wow, well I’m very hard on myself and I’m always 2nd guessing myself, before I make an idea reality. I usually ponder over an idea for a few days or so and run it by at least 4 or 5 people from different backgrounds. Some ideas that I feel are very good ideas, I just go for them and use my gut feeling on whether or not they will fly. On a scale from 1-10, I am a 15.
I am extremely hard on myself.

Q: Would you say you have a muse? If so who or what?

A: Yes definitely…I have a few! One of my top inspirations would have to be fashion in itself. Meaning the pure essence of wearing what you feel and feeling what you wear. What people wear has an influence on how are they are perceived as a person. Someone is always drawing some type of opinion about you. So that part about fashion really inspires me to create clothes that give people a fashion forward look and leave people wondering about their character and/or personality.

Q: What is a favorite piece that you have designed? Who would you want to wear your favorite piece? What part of the world would you be in?

A: Well, that’s an easy question. It would have to be my “Black Label Signature,” T-shirt. I would definitely have to place it on Jay-Z at his concert at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI. He is the most influential person in music and fashion right now. This would be a dream come true for me!

Q: If you could collaborate with any designer in the world who would it be and what would you create?

A: That’s a good question…I have to say that I would love to work with Michael Kors to create the perfect jean for both men and women. This jean would compete with the best of the best.



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4 responses to “LOVE …LIFE… SWAGGER…

  1. Awesome article! Good to hear about young and upcoming designer out of Detroit. Bravo! And I wish Mr. Mercer all the success in the world. 🙂

  2. how are you!This was a really marvelous subject!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to come cross your blog in baidu
    Also I get a lot in your website really thank your very much i will come daily

    • Thank You very much! I really appreciate the comment.
      I am coming out with my own magazine and hope you
      will enjoy it. My magazine is in the works, but when it is ready
      I will let you know! The subscription will be free for a limited time.
      If you would like send me your email address and I can put you
      in our database system and send it to you.
      Thanks again-

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