By Susan Masters 

   If you are looking for a European fashion brand with French soul, and one that identifies with women, being young and spirited you can stop here. DURÉ COUTURE’ is the fashion forward brand you have been looking for. D.C. is an international fashion company which has been established in breathtaking and beautiful Spain. DURÉ COUTURE’ offers trendy and avande garde clothing with a unique sense of style that is “magnifique.” Their creations will intrigue you with their featured one-piece garments by design, which makes them so stylish. Their “Filosofia” (philosophy) is that their collections are based to be singular, so if you bring a piece of D.C. with you, know that you will be always one, at any time, it’s guaranteed. Also, Their “Filosofia” of the house is “French Chic,” from which comes the inspiration for all their designs every season.” DURÉ COUTURE’ is Exclusivity. Originality. Quality. Design.

    D.C. pushes the boundaries in fashion like never seen before. The possibilities are endless with. D.C.gives women an aura of Paris-glamourosity, which dazzles you every time you put on a piece of their clothing and jewelry. DURÉ’s lavish clothing will make you feel as if it were your first time in Paris, every time! That young, spirited, and confident woman will arise within you. That woman full of dreams, hopes, and ambition to pursue life becomes a reality. The DURÉ woman is a woman who knows what she wants and becomes one with her unique and trendy sense of style. People will ask who are you wearing and she will proudly answer DURÉ COUTURE’. DURÉ COUTURE’ is right on trend!

   DURÉ jewelry collection, is one of the most intriguing collections I have ever-seen. If you’re looking to set trend, follow up with the DURÉ COUTURE’ jewelry experience in addition to their lavish clothing. The collection I am referring to is called Printemps-Été/2010′ of DURÉ COUTURE’ it is an innovation in jewelry adornment, with details of ‘Métaux’in silver, gold, copper, steel and platinum with rhodium, which is implemented to achieve a mix of different metals produced in chains, with original designs and an avande look to the shoulder pads, epaulets, ankle, knee, elbow pads, adorning the body, so far neglected, which leaves behind the necklaces, bracelets and accessories which are conventional. Make way for a new glam-punkaesthetic, which is a combination of pastel colors, giving a look offender while très féminin, (scoring trend.) garde current collection is the Invierno 2010/2011 collection. This collection was inspired by the cosmopolitan woman with energy, attitude, positively glamorous! This woman follows trends, but is not a slave to them, she is looking for individualism as a benchmark of style.



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