The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Part 2

“The Real House Wives Of 
 Beverly Hills”     
Part 2″
      What did you guys think  about the part  2 reunion? Beginning with the Allison Dubois scene that was a few clowns short of a circus, what do you think about Chamille calling Faye Resnick morally corrupt when Faye did a  playboy spread and wrote a book 3 years later after the O.J. trial?  Chamille acted like it was the day after the trial.
  Is it really necessary for Chamille “the pot,” to call “the kettle” (Faye) black when Faye posed for playboy and Chamille was in soft porn? Is one necessarily worse than the other? Give me a break Chamille, your the one that is making yourself look bad. Stop blaming everybody else, you do it to yourself.
 Moving onto the infamous Allison Dubois.Why did Allison Dubois not get a reading on Chamille that night or was Kyle’s reading meant for Chamille? Why was the reading not clear if Allison is supposedly such a great psychic? As far as Allison being such a good friend, well Chamille with friends like her who needs enemies. 
Why would Allison take the conversation to that level being in the company of people she had never met? Allison knew what she was doing and the excuse about Allison hitting below the belt when she has too many cocktails was just that an excuse to slam Kyle. It is so sad that  Chamille then plays the role of the victim after she lets her friend slam Kyle and the other girls. Chamille always thinks Kyle is setting her up, come on Chamille, who was really being set up here, you say the buzz word “set up” a million times on the show, could it be that you really are insecure because you know you were actually the one setting up Kyle? Interesting.
   Moving onto Cedric, what do you think about his B.S. story about his mom being a prostitute and dropping him off at a phone booth when he was a little kid and not coming back when Cedric was found to have a  family still living which includes sisters who could take care of him? I was truly shocked, personally. It is so unfortunate that kind generous people who genuinely care about the less fortunate and who would take someone into their home only to find out they had been used by that exact same person and that they “Cedric” was only looking for money and a free ride. Everything he ever told Ken and Lisa was a lie and now Cedric is trying to dis-credit them saying they are anything but kind. He actually says on Bravo T.V. that Lisa is not who she says she is, but I think we all know that the cameras don’t lie and  anyone who lets someone stay in their home for over a year, doesn’t make them pay rent, drives them around everywhere, treats them as their own family, gives them money, is someone who is  kind,caring, beyond generous, and is someone who has a heart of gold. Who would do all this for someone they don’t know that well, which is apparent because Cedric is coming up with lies against them. It was talked about on the show that Cedric was fame hungry and is talking about writing a book. Hmmm…..very interesting and  gee Cedric I wonder who the book is going to be about? Trying to cash in again from Lisa and Ken. What a sorry piece of garbage. 
Last, but not least, do  you think kissing your best friends husband on the lips is really appropriate? Talk about cattiness . Do you blame women when they see this behavior, I would be protecting my man too, hands off Chamille!!!
 What an ungrateful son of a b, saying that how dare Lisa woke Cedric up early every morning, I mean how dare her, you’re in her house  rent free and she wants to talk to you, sorry you couldn’t sleep until noon! Also how dare Cedric say Lisa is shallow, attacking her friends saying her friends are not really her friends and that she’s shallow, Cedric is the one who is shallow and didn’t have the balls to come onto the reunion set.
 Now on to Taylor. What do you feel about her husband Russell Armstrong and their 80 percent business and 20 percent romance  marriage. Is it me or did anyone else notice the awkwardness he brought to the show
and did anyone else notice his tendencies to get angry, but knew that everyone was trying to keep it on the down low. I don’t know about this one Taylor, your husband should want to be near you and Russell seems awkwardly distant. I would not be surprised if he is seeing someone else, but I hope that is not true and that everything with them works out, especially for the sake of Kennedy.
 CIO!!!  Until next season, can’t wait!!!

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