Cynthia Rowley-

discusses how the work of artist Ryan McNamara and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Lee Holloway in Secretary influenced her Fall 2011 collection.-“FASHION ZING”

What inspired you for Fall 2011? 
It’s always a range of artistic and cultural factors, but this season, the work of artist Ryan McNamara certainly influenced me, as did Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Lee Holloway in Secretary, who is frail on one hand, yet incredibly tough and sexy on the other.

How does this inspiration play out in terms of colors, fabrics, silhouette? 
It manifested as this concept of fragile luxury, meaning fabrics and colors that are luxurious to the point of decadence. Shaved velveteens, geometric piecing and moth-eaten velvets configure a rich aesthetic, but a ladylike silhouette.

What music did you listen to while designing this collection? 
We always have music on in the studio, but recently, we’ve been listening to Wild Nothing, Sleigh Bells and Surfer Blood, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a preview of Kalup Linzy and James Franco’s new album, which has been getting us particularly pumped up for the tents.

Do you have any New York Fashion Week pre-show rituals you can share with us? 
Work, coffee, work, food, coffee, work, cocktail, work!! Now, post-show rituals, that’s a whole other story!

What other show(s) are you looking forward to seeing this season? 
I wish I could see more other designer shows, time-wise, but I am looking forward to my friend Duro Olowu’s presentation, as its his first in the US, and I always try to make it to see Prabal Gurung’s work, as he’s another good friend. 

How do you relax and recharge after Fashion Week? 
After the winter I’ve had at work, post-fashion week is going to be a big payback time for my girls. Lucky for me, that Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never comes out the night of my show.


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