Robert Gellar;Tommy Hilfiger;Farah Angsana:NYC Fashion Week

          Robert Geller Tries to Recapture His Youth:

 Gellar’s Fall 2011 models were to-the-manor-born gone a bit seedy. A gentleman wore preppy cardigans and a dress shirt paired with motorcycle boots and metal studded gloves. Many wore multiple scarves, — creating an effect as thick as a lion’s mane — or a cowl-like, hood-scarf number that Geller didn’t have a name for. But the designer dubbed baggy long-underwear bottoms (worn as outerwear, of course) “lounging pants.” “They’re not meant to be worn under anything,” he said. “I think they’re great to pair with a shirt and tie and blazer.”

Geller’s blue- and white-collar clash was inspired by Luchino Visconti films. “He always uses luxury and wealth and then shows the fucked-up underbelly,” Geller explained. “He often has older men longing for their youth and falling for young men or women.” The designer nodded to his own teenage years with pink-tipped blonde models. “It represents youth to me,” he said. “When I was younger I tried out having different colors of my hair. When you mature, you don’t really do that anymore.”

Farah Angsana Swathes Collection in Fur

Photo: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Farah Angsana certainly loves her fur, judging by the fox-heavy collection she showed today. “The collection was inspired by the seventies,” she told us. “This collection is very sensual, sexual, provocative, and mysterious. For girls who love luxury, girls who want to have fun.” She shrugged off any anti-fur criticism.

(If you ask my opinion-I am not a big fan-There is faux fur that wears just as well and you don’t need to kill anything to wear it!!!) Who needs to wear fur on everything-A bit ridiculous-Just my opinion!)

Tommy Hilfiger 

 Photo: Imaxtree

Tommy Hilfiger broke with tradition this season by holding separate shows for the brand’s men’s and women’s lines. “We have growing businesses in both men’s and women’s, and we wanted to put equal importance on both,” Hilfiger told The Cut at his menswear show on Friday. He chose the venue, the cozy Lion restaurant in the West Village, Hilfiger said, for its “old-world charm with a modern twist.” In the future, he expects to also show in Europe. “We have a big business overseas, so at some point, what we’ll probably do is show overseas,” Hilfiger said, but not in lieu of showing in New York. “Maybe both.”


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