Gwen Stefani’s Fashion label L.A.M.B;New York FASHION WEEK


Gwen Stefani’s show for her label NewYork FASHION WEEK. A spectacular show!!! This show was amazing and really spoke to me. What  great design concepts, a fabulous color palette, anyone could wear Gwen’s clothing  and have the luxury of ultra-comfort.  To me comfort is everything and when you have Haute Couture pieces they maybe more fashionable than comfortable.


Watch Highlight’s of her latest show!!!

Gwen’s collection  hit all the right fashion trends ranging from soldier inspired clothing in an army green palette with head scarves, tailored suits, leather, and plaid numbers were seen throughout the show. Burnt orange seemed to be a reoccurring theme along with black, cream colors, and cherry red palette’s. Gwen knocked it out of the park with her clothing trends of 60’s style clothing, sheer clothing concepts, leather, ruffles, and boxy-style cuts. While taking her runaway bow, Gwen wore a flowing black-and-white jumpsuit and was surprised by her son, Kingston, who ran up to her during her walk down the catwalk. It was an unexpected moment and the audience responded with a collective “Aww.”

Watch  part 2-End of the show where Kingston comes out to meet Gwen



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