“Celeberity Stylist” Rachel Zoe


RACHEL ZOE’S friends threw her a stylish baby shower in Los Angeles on Saturday.


The Bravo star — who’s due to give birth to her first child in March — celebrated her impending arrival with guests including Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Brian Atwood, Andrew Saffir, Daniel Benedict, Dori Cooperman, Dasha Zukhova, Desiree Gruber and Kyle MacLachlan. The bash was thrown by Juicy Couture founder Pam Skaist-Levy at her estate.

Rachel recently revealed that she’s having a boy! “It all depends on his arrival,” Zoe let slip during an interview with WWD. “It’s a little boy. “I’ve been asked to slow down. But to be totally honest, it’s kind of next to impossible when you’re planning your show and launching your collection, and in the middle of award season. “I’m also Jewish. “So I’m a little superstitious. I’ve been sent a lot of gifts and things and my team just hides them.”

If you have followed my posts-It is very interesting that Demi Moore-Kutcher showed up at the baby shower! It has been reported that there is a feud between Rachel Zoe, Demi Moore-Kutcher, and Brad Goreski.  Brad Goreski has dressed Demi  for several Gala’s around town. If you are an RZ fan and watch her show on Bravo, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” you know that Brad had  assisted Zoe, as “Style Director,” on a magazine photo-shoot with Demi. You also knew just how close Rachel and Demi were. Rumors are flying around and the hear-say is that “The split with Brad was anything, but Amicable,” according to sources.  (Gee Rachel I really don’t know if I would open that baby gift, not really sure what you are going to find! “One thing is for sure, I don’t believe they are going to be the LouisVuitton booties you were hoping for!” (I will update you with the latest on the feud!

Paris Hilton kicked off  her birthday festivities a few days early with a “Moulin Rouge”-themed bash at a private house in the Hollywood Hills Tuesday night. Her actual 30th birthday was on February 17th. Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits spent  $3,200  when her birthday cake was stolen from the soiree by a party crasher named Paz, who bragged about his conquest on Facebook. “I woke up this morning with a birthday cake in my living room,” wrote Paz. “It’s big. It’s red. It says ‘Paris’. And its delicious. Pretty interesting-nobody saw or stopped him from leaving with a mound of birthday cake that says “Happy Birthday Paris?”

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