Rachel Zoe; Yves Saint Laurent; Plus RZ’s Baby bump!!!


Yves Saint Laurent Cotton Peasant Blouse

Tapping into my fashion sixth sense, there is much to be revealed for spring: white-out ensembles, neon accessories and ’70s-style silhouettes galore! Speaking of my favorite decade, I am so thrilled to see the period in the limelight right now in every form from disco queen to bohemian child. Love. One signature ’70s trend that I can’t get enough of is the off-the-shoulder top, aka the peasant blouse, which ruled this season’s runways. Unsurprisingly, Yves Saint Laurent takes lead on the look with today’s Cotton Peasant Blouse.

A shoulder-baring style among many from YSL’s spring lineup, this vintage-inspired top is a simply beautiful interpretation of the trend. Agree? Faded orange in color with tie cuffs and voluminous sleeves, it will make a stellar addition to any closet, ready to be worn by day or night with flared jeans, a hobo bag and bold cuff. For further off-the-shoulder inspiration, check out Marc Jacobs, D&G and Fendi. Peasant per-fec-tion! xoRZ

Availability: Yves Saint Laurent Cotton Peasant Blouse ($975). For additional retailer information, visit Yvessaintlaurent.com.

Everyone knows I love RZ! Here arePics and Tweets of her baby bump and more- 

Me and future Uncle @Brian_Atwood at perfect dinner party on a rainy night :)..so much love! XoRZ



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