Fashion; Icon’s that have influenced the Fashion Industry!

1.    Levi’s Strauss 
2.   Hubert De’Givenchy
3.   Coco Chanel
4.   Louis Vuitton
5.   David Bowie
6.   Claire McCardell
7.   Eileen Ford
8.   The Beatles
9.   YSL
10. Dior
11.  Karl Lagerfeld
12.  Andy Warhol
13.   Richard Avedon
14.  John Galliano
15.  Salvatore Ferragamo
16.   Vivienne Westwood
17.    Bob dylan
18.   Mary Quant
19.   Anna Wintour
20.  Vidal Sassoon
21.    Jane Fonda
22.    Heidi Slimane
23.    James Bond
24.    Mae West
25.    Giorgio Armani
26.    Harry Winston
27.    Madonna
28.    DVF
29.    Michael Jackson
30.    Donatella Versace
31.    Dolce & Gabbana
32.    Tom Ford
33.    Kate Moss
34.    Jean Paul Gaultier
35.    Naomi Cambell
36.    Edith Head
37.    Miuccia Prada
38.   Chuck Taylor
39.    Oleg Cassini
40.    Calvin Klein
41.    Kevyn Aucoin
42.   Tracy Reese
43.   Ralph Lauren 
44.   Vera Wang 
45.   Marilyn Monroe
46.   Anna Sui
47.   Charles F. Worth
48.   Halston
49.Andre 3,000 
50.   Tim Gunn
51.  Twiggy
52.  Nina Garcia
53.  Gisele Bundchen
54. Princess Diana
55.  Christian Siriano
56.  James Dean
57.  Emilio Pucci
58.  Carrie Donovan
59.  Issey Miyake
60.  Joey Ramone
61.   Alexis Carrinton
62.  Christian Louisbuitton
63.  Daisy Duke
64.   Michael Jordan
65.  Patricia Field
66.  Betsey Johnson
67.  Gwen Stefani
68.   Astrid Kircherr
69. David Yurman
70.   Mary Pickford
71.   Amy Heckerling
72.  Anjelica Houston
73.  Jacob the Jeweler
74.   Richard Blackwell
75.   Tyra Banks
76.   Alexander McQueen
77.   Yuko Shimizu
78.    Thom Browne
79.    Chris Mc Millan
80. Giorgio Armani 81.  Rachel Zoe  82. Janice Dickinson


Here is a list of Icons that have influenced the fashion industry.

I have  compiled a list of  names and have featured a few to pay recognition to those who have

influenced the fashions of today!!!  

Ms. Anna Wintour-Editor in chief for Vogue Magazine.

Despite her icy personality, Ms. Wintour is an icon.

Anna Wintour was born to be a fashion journalist: when she was a teenager, her father, Evening Standard editor Charles Vere Wintour, would ask for her advice on how to reach the 1960s youth market. She began working at an influential London boutique at the age of 15, dropping out of school soon thereafter. In 1970, she became an editorial assistant for the newly formed Harper’s & Queen (formerly Harper’s Bazaar). In 1975, she left the magazine for New York. After stints at Harper’s Bazaar, New York, and House & Garden, Wintour was named editor-in-chief of Vogue in 1989.

Sales of Vogue had been flagging for years by the time Wintour reached the magazine’s helm. It had become a lifestyle magazine, and was in danger of being outcompeted by the up-and-coming French import Elle. Wintour took a cue from former editrice Diana Vreeland and refocused the magazine on fashion, using daring, stylish covers and features to regain the magazine’s former prominence. She is now considered one of the most important people in fashion, as her control of the magazine can make or break names in the industry.

“If you look at any great fashion photograph out of context, it will tell you just as much about what’s going on in the world as a headline in the New York Times.”

             – Anna Wintour
Anna’s daughter Bee blogs for the Daily Telegraph.

Wintour has a reputation for iciness. She’s said to have inspired Lauren Weisberger’s hit novel, The Devil Wears Prada, and her former coworkers have not been quiet about their difficulties working with her. Conflicts with other editors led to her dismissal from Harper’s Bazaar after only 9 months. She went on to work for the now-forgotten Viva, a women’s adult magazine. There was no nudity by the time Wintour got there, though.

Wintour not only revived Vogue – she’s also responsible for bringing seminal exposure to some of the biggest trends of the past twenty years. She has distinguished herself from the legendary Diana Vreeland by making the fashions showcased in her magazine more accessible, mixing and matching the expensive with the easily procured.

Anna Wintour at a 2009 Fashion Week show.

Anna Wintour hasn’t deviated from her signature look since she was 14, so expect to see that bob for years to come. She’s often pictured wearing oversized sunglasses – even indoors – and is immaculately makeupped at all times. She certainly loves Prada, but you can always check out the latest issue of Vogue to find a more affordable, Wintour-approved ensemble

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci was a true Renaissance man. Born into Florentine nobility, Pucci studied at four different universities and served as a fighter pilot in the Italian Air Force before he embarked on his fashion career. His first designs were uniforms for the Reed College ski team, of which he was a member, but his fashion career really took off in 1948, when a photograph of a ski outfit he had designed for a friend was featured in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

 The Italian fashion industry was devastated in the wake of World War II, creating an atmosphere that welcomed Pucci’s sleek, airy, lighthearted designs, many of them inspired by the colors of Capri. Pucci’s brightly patterned silks became an international sensation in the 1950s and 1960s, when fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy were often spotted in his kaleidoscope prints.

   Pucci not only changed the color spectrum of high-end fashion, he also made ample use of stretchy fabrics that had previously been relegated to swim and ski wear. He moved away from the heavily tailored looks of the 1940s and into the realm of comfortable, wearable separates. After Pucci’s death in 1992; in 2000 the brand was acquired by fashion conglomerate LVMH.


Carrie Donovan

Even from an early age, Carrie Donovan (born Carolyn Gertrude Amelia Donovan) was fascinated with fashion. When she was just 10 years sold, she mailed her own sketches for a design collection to the actress Jane Wyman, who replied with a handwritten letter. She later attended the Parsons School of Design, graduating in 1950. She worked as a journalist for 30 years but always wrote her copy out by hand; she never got the hang of the typewriter, much less the computer. 

 Donovan gained recognition as a style editor for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and the New York Times Magazine, but it was her stint at Old Navy that really brought her into the public eye. In 1997, she began appearing in their advertisements, wearing her signature pearls and huge, round black-rimmed glasses. In the fashion world, she was one of the first to praise the work of designers Donna Karan and Perry Ellis, so she knew talent when she saw it. Fashion is entertainment. That’s why these top models are so fascinating to kids. They’re dying to know about Naomi and Christy, or whoever we’ve declared the new one this afternoon.

A model on the Donna Karan runway


 Though we recognize her face from the Old Navy commercials, there are so many other things that Donovan has brought to the fashion world. One of her best talents was her ability to flit easily between high society and the common masses, both in her personal life and as a style professional. She helped bring Donna Karan and Perry Ellis to fame, and she united Elsa Peretti with Tiffany’s, feeling sure that Peretti would open the doors to a new demographic for the upscale company. Even her work with Old Navy gave new fashion credibility to the casual-wear company. Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland told her: ”My dear, you’ve got the common touch!”

Carrie Donovan

 Princess Diana

A portrait of Princess Diana. Photo via


July 1, 1961 in Norfolk, England
August 31, 1997 in Paris, France
Favorite designers:
Bruce Oldfield, Catherine Walker, Christina Stambolian, Richard Roth, Valentino, Gianni Versace

Diana, Princess of Wales (born Diana Frances Spencer) finished school at Kent in 1977. Later that year, her sister introduced her to her ex-boyfriend, Prince Charles. In 1980, she and Charles met again, this time while Diana was working as a nanny at the Young England School in London, and a romance blossomed between the two. In her young age, Diana had wanted to become a ballerina, but at five feet, 10 inches, she was too tall.

Diana and Charles married when she was only 20 years old, marking the first time an heir had married an English woman in 300 years. She bore two children, Princes William and Harry. In 1987, Princess Diana began to visit AIDS victims, becoming one of the first high-profile people to be photographed touching victims infected with the disease. With paparazzi following the Princess relentlessly, Diana’s style was carefully watched, and she received praise for her slender gowns, tailored coats and structured hats. In 1990, she was named the “Best Dressed Woman” by a British magazine.

Princess Diana truly was England’s rose. She had a magical aura about her. I always felt she really understood how to use fashion as the silent language and let clothes do the talking for her when she couldn’t, the way a movie star in the silent films did.

 – Designer John Galliano

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day

The marriage between Diana and Charles deteriorated in the late 1980s, and Diana attributed the failure to her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. She said, “Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” The divorce was finalized in 1996. Throughout her life in the public eye, Diana’s style changed drastically from ’80s-style puffy sleeves to sleek gowns that revealed her slender figure.

Many contemporary royals have picked up where Diana left off, wearing designer dresses and being photographed in sophisticated, tailored clothes. Women like Marie-Chantal of Greece, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and even Prince William’s love Kate Middleton have taken to choosing high-end designers for their public appearances. Designers and the public alike are still talking about her fashion choices, which somehow don’t seem quite so charming without her in them.

Grace Kelly

Besides her films and her royal family, Grace Kelly left an imprint on the world with her famous look. She was tall, slender, with icy blonde hair and cool blue eyes, always the image of poise and perfection. And her film wardrobes have gone down in history: the sheer neglige from Rear Window and her capri pants and head scarves in To Catch A Thief, for starters. Kelly was shown in casual sportswear with an elegant twist – a fresh look for fashion, which she popularized (along with the oversized handbags). She set the standard for a new type of wholesome image, one that achieved a womanly girl-next-door aura and a subtle, not overt, sexiness. Even before her marriage, Kelly was a true princess: classy, sophisticated, discreet and eternal.

Besides her films and her royal family, Grace Kelly left an imprint on the world with her famous look. She was tall, slender, with icy blonde hair and cool blue eyes, always the image of poise and perfection. And her film wardrobes have gone down in history: the sheer neglige from Rear Window and her capri pants and head scarves in To Catch A Thief, for starters. Kelly was shown in casual sportswear with an elegant twist – a fresh look for fashion, which she popularized (along with the oversized handbags). She set the standard for a new type of wholesome image, one that achieved a womanly girl-next-door aura and a subtle, not overt, sexiness. Even before her marriage, Kelly was a true princess: classy, sophisticated, discreet and eternal.


Rachel Zoe (born Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig) bought her first Louis Vuitton bag when she was 13, and from there, her love affair with fashion was born. After her college graduation, she moved to New York and worked for the magazines Gotham and YM. In the big city, she made the jump from publishing to celebrity styling with first clients such as the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson.

Zoe and her husband, investment banker Roger Berman, moved out to Los Angeles in 2004, Zoe landed a gig styling for Nicole Richie, who was co-starring at the time with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life. Richie’s stick-thin frame was draped in piles of accessories, with big sunglasses and long, unkempt hair and, Voila! The “Zoe-bot” was born, and every young woman in the country was copying the look. She currently has a Bravo show calledThe Rachel Zoe Project.

 Nicole showed up to meet me in an airport once wearing a sweatsuit, with a leopard-print neck pillow tied around her neck, an ‘I Love L.A.’ cap, and her hair in pigtails … I think she was doing it to torture me. 
                – Rachel Zoe
Zoe and Richie posing together.
Zoe has gotten plenty of flak for the skinny frames of the starlets she styles. Richie, Mischa Barton, the Olsen twins, and Lindsay Lindsay Lohan began to look too thin while they were working with Zoe, and rumors circulated that the stylist gave her clients drugs to encourage them to trim down. Zoe insists that she had nothing to do with their weight loss, saying that she would never promote anorexia. Zoe was also dropped by Richie in 2006, when Nicole claimed that she was a “bad influence.”
“Bohemian chic” is the look that Zoe brought to pop culture and contemporary fashion. She’s also working on her own line of clothing and accessories, which is likely to be a huge hit among young women. In any case, the huge designer bags and sunglasses that pop up on runways, the leggings and vintage inspired apparel, the skinny jeans and chunky boots – she may not have invented them, but Zoe was definitely the one who popularized them. Leggings and ’70s-style prints are some of Zoe’s signatures, as are large, over the top accessories. Pile on necklaces and bracelets and several layers of clothing. Minidresses are a perfect vintage touch.

 Coco Chanel

  Chanel in her signature pearls. 
Who hasn’t been influenced by Coco Chanel? The little black dress and classic cut suits have inspired top designers such as Helmut Lang, Miuccia Prada, Jil Sander and Tom Ford. But even more important, she brought the fabrics and comfort of menswear to women’s style, freeing ladies from clothes that constrained them. And let us never forget the one item she gave us that will always endure: Chanel No. 5 perfume. It was the first fragrance to have a designer name on the label.

Models in a Chanel collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld. 

Diane Von Furstenburg

Diane von Furstenberg attends the MoMa film benefit gala at the Museum of Modern Art on November 10, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America) 
December 31, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium
Love affairs:
Prince Egon Von Furstenberg, Richard Gere, Warren Beatty, now married to Barry Diller
DVF iconic wrap dress was birthed out of necessity. Furstenberg was living in Italy, interning for a man who owned several textile factories, when she discovered she was pregnant by an international playboy. She moved to America to get married, but brought with her several samples from her internship, hoping to eventually sell her designs because, as she puts it, “I needed to be an independent woman.” From those samples, she created the original wrap dress in a jersey animal print.

Von Furstenberg ran with the cool kids of 1970s NYC: she counted YSL and Bianca Jagger among her friends. One of them introduced her to legendary Vogue editrix Diana Vreeland, who helped to launch the Furstenberg wrap craze in 1973. A simple, flattering dress, the wrap became an international sensation and one of the most popular Studio 54 looks. Von Furstenberg quickly achieved celebrity status, appearing on the covers of Newsweek and Wall Street Journal.
[Style] doesn’t just have to do with your appearance. It’s your character too: Who you are, how you present yourself, how honest you are. It’s your voice, the way you speak, the way you write. All of it makes you; therefore, you have a style.
                                                                        – Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg Gallery

The 1980s were not prosperous for the Von Furstenberg brand. The wrap dress was no longer sought-after in an era of power suits and shoulder pads, and the market had already reached saturation with the product. Von Furstenberg was forced to sell the company, which subsequently crashed and burned.

In the mid ’90s, the fashion elite slowly returned to the wrap dress. Von Furstenberg chose to relaunch her label in 1997 at the insistence of her daughter, Tatiana, who had noticed starlets like Gwyneth Paltrow wearing vintage Von Furstenberg designs. Von Furstenberg’s continued success proves that the simplest, most organic designs are often the most groundbreaking.

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2009 Collection.

The wrap dress is pretty easy to find thanks to Von Furstenberg’s resurgence in popularity. If you can’t afford a DVF original, look to stores like Banana Republic and J. Crew. Good vintage stores almost always carry Von Furstenberg designs, also. Choose a dress in a flattering fabric like jersey, which will hug your body. Try to find a fun geometric or animal print, if possible.                 

Gwen Stefani

20th Annual Kid's Choice Awards - Show
Singer Gwen Stefani performs at Nickelodeon’s 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on March 31, 2007 in Westwood, California.  (Getty Images)
October 3, 1969 in Fullerton, CA
L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers
Madonna, P. Diddy, Britney Spears, John Galliano
The band that shot Gwen to fame, No Doubt, rocked. But their popularity was definitely helped by Gwen’s cartoonish look: platinum blonde Gidget ponytails, matte red lips, and bright yellow cargo pants. Gwen, who had worked in retail before No Doubt made it big, liked to create her own stage costumes and hairstyles, taking inspiration from post-war 1950’s house wife hairdos.

The success of No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom (1995) catapulted Gwen into the fashion limelight, but it wasn’t until the 2004 launch of her fashion line, L.A.M.B., that she became the worldwide sartorial influence she remains today. In 2005, she launched Harajuku Lovers, a less expensive, wider-reaching line. With each album, she redefines her look: her most recent album, 2006’s The Sweet Escape, saw Gwen borrowing from Michelle Pfeiffer’s Scarface look.
I think Gwen is the ultimate 21st-century pin up….She’s modern-retro – she plays on the pin-up thing with her vintage aesthetic, but she’s also ultra-modern. Like her music, her style is sexy but also out there – eclectic, almost aggressive. She’s no victim, and certainly no fashion victim. With someone like Victoria Beckham, you can see that a stylist has decided what she’s going to wear and put it together piece by piece, but Gwen’s style always seems organic.
                                                                – Stefan Lindemann of Grazia magazine
 Gwen has always borrowed vintage beauty looks.

Gwen has been perhaps a bit too honest about her struggle to keep a thin frame. She admitted to starving herself for a few days prior to a Vogue shoot, later telling Elle magazine, “I’ve always struggled with [my weight]. I was a little chubby when I was younger and I didn’t want to be that person forever…I’m extremely vain – I like wearing cute clothes.” Perhaps Gwen lets her love of clothing trump her peace of mind.

Gwen’s “very done” look helped change the direction of rock fashion. Grunge began to fall out of fashion, thanks to Gwen and her high-octane stage antics. Sure, rockers still wore Doc Martens, but they could look pretty and girly while doing it. The ever-imitated singer is now looked to as a harbinger of the trends to come.

         Gwen’s Sweet Escape look

Getting a Gwen-inspired look can be as easy as wearing a ponytail. Try some of Gwen’s signature hairstyles, from her victory rolls to her multi-bunstyle. Choose eclectic accessories like bindis, Jamaican flag wristbands, or towering patent-leather heels; wear bright red lips with retro, pinup girl clothing. Gwen’s looks are so many and so varied, you really can’t go wrong.               

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks attends the Keep a Child Alive organization’s 5th annual Black Ball at The Hammerstein Ballroom on November 13, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tyra Banks (Getty Images)

December 4, 1973 in Inglewood, CA

Executive Producer:
America’s Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks Show, Stylista

Los Angeles native Tyra Banks has been modeling since she was sixteen. While she was extremely successful (she was the first African American woman on the covers of both GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue), it wasn’t until Banks’ modeling career slowed down that she began to make her mark on the modeling industry. In 2003, Banks created America’s Next Top Model, an internationally successful television show that has brought the modeling world to the masses.

Tyra Banks was one of the most sought-after commercial models of the late ’90s. She starred in several high profile ad campaigns, most notably for Victoria’s Secret. After she walked her final runway in 2005, Banks’ attention shifted to her television career. America’s Next Top Model, the reality TV modeling competition she created and produces, has spawned countless international spinoffs, and her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, was an almost immediate success.
I’m not here to change society, or what’s considered beautiful. I’m here to give women the strength to deal with the society they live in and what it’s asking, and know when it’s reasonable, but not to obsess.
                                                                                  – Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks photo gallery.

Not everything Tyra touches turns to gold. Some of you may remember Tyra’s weak attempt at a music career back in 2004. She even filmed a video for her first single, the Rodney Jerkins-produced “Shake Ya Body,” using contestants from America’s Next Top Model. The single failed to chart, the video never aired on MTV, and Tyra shelved her musical aspirations. She can, however, be heard singing in the opening sequence of America’s Next Top Model.

On Top Model, Banks gives herself a lot of credit for opening doors for models of color (modesty is one of her best traits). But it’s really her business savvy we admire: America is more obsessed with the fashion industry than ever before, thanks to Top Model. The modeling world has always been mystifying; ANTM, now the CW’s most popular show, has camped it up and exposed it for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Tyra’s last Victoria’s Secret runway show in 2005.

Tyra weaves through a lot of looks on her show. Each season she sports a different wig (the gigantic mauve thing from Cycle 4 was particularly awesome), but she sticks to the same basic principles: go hard or go home. Wear dramatic eye makeup, whether its fake lashes or turquoise eye shadow up to your eyebrows. As far as clothing goes, if it’ll turn heads and it’s right for your body type, go for it.   



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