London Fashion Week 2011 A/W; Topman Design


Topman Design

Topman Design

Topman has showcased  their  Topman Design collection as a solo show as part of February’s London Fashion Week. Topman Design has shown on-schedule as part of the increasingly successful MAN event which Topman set up alongside Fashion East 10 season’s ago. This will be the first time since MAN’s conception in 2005 that Topman Design has not shown as part of the initiative.

“Our decision to show apart from MAN this season has been welcomed by both the MAN and the Menswear Panel who collectively agree that it is the right time for us. We have established a consistent design ethic and have a good following which gives us the confidence we need to move on and allow MAN to continue to nurture new young talent which is after all it’s purpose.” Gordon Richardson, Design Director – Topman

The decision to progress Topman Design out of MAN comes on the 5th anniversary of the showcase which aims to source and nurture young menswear talent. Both Topman Design and MAN will be part of the second official full day of on schedule LFW menswear which has received great acclaim in putting menswear firmly back on the British map.

“It’s so exciting that Topman Design has grown to the position where it deserves its own show. By teaming up with MAN, it proved that menswear should have a slot on the London Fashion Week schedule. Now that we have a whole menswear day, it’s brilliant that both Topman Design and MAN get the chance to shine on their own.” Charlie Porter, Fantastic Man & Panel member

Topman Design is a directional premium collection which is stocked online at, the London Oxford Circus and New York Flagships as well as key international stores including La Foret in Tokyo, Incu in Sydney and Shine in Hong Kong. With a growing, almost cult following, the collections have evolved over the seasons under the Creative Direction of Alister Mackie – AnOther Man, Fashion Director and superstylist – and Gordon Richardson – Topman Design Director and his dedicated and talented in-house design team.

MAN and the driving forces behind it have been credited for the rejuvenated recognition of menswear in the capital and the subsequent official Menswear Day which has been granted by the BFC and now holds a permanent position on the LFW schedule. Last season saw the welcome addition of The British Fashion Council’s NewGen Men Award to which Topman remains the sole sponsor.

“ Topman’s decision to show Topman Design alone this season does not affect our investment into MAN – all investment remains the same. Topman along with Fashion East continues as normal to drive the initiative forward together along with the appointed MAN panel. It is just a new exciting step for us in establishing Topman Design as a successful home grown premium collection which we are now wholesaling to credible stores globally.” Jason Griffiths, Marketing Director – Topman



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  1. I like Topman, and I really liked the new collection 🙂

  2. Fine article, I truly count on updates by you.

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