London Fashion Week 2011

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London Fashion Week 2011  


“Matthew Williamson”Collection.

London Fashion Week 2011: Matthew Willamson auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

Matthew Williamson’s collection was beautiful, elegant, feminine, sporty and totally transparent. Washed-out and yet richer hues of blue, and red and yellow in harmony through the combination of gray and beige. Samples are clayey and so very discreet. In his case, there is always something to see fur, some with interesting color patterns or a kind of patchwork.


London Fashion Week 2011 – Vivienne Westwood

London Fashion Week 2011: Vivienne Westwood auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

In punk fashion icon Vivienne Westwood , as always, there was the total of patterns. Plaids, ruffles and stripes were able knickerbockers, costumes and dresses draped on. By a subdued color palette, but the whole thing had a very harmonious. In contrast, the make-up with gold and glitter on the face an exciting eye-catcher. Boris Becker Boy George and glittered in the front row.

London Fashion Week 2011 -Burberry Prorsum

London Fashion Week 2011: Burberry Prorsum auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

 Page designer Christopher Bailey for Burberry created, has changed much in the traditional brand. Innovation instead of stagnation is the motto. Sun collection was the fall-winter broadcast worldwide via live stream. Chic to see there was a Beatles-in bright colors and elegant silhouettes.

London Fashion Week 2011 – House of Holland

London Fashion Week 2011: House of Holland auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle:

Bold colors were one of the dominant themes at the London Fashion Week. Also at House of Holland , the label of designer Henry Holland, came much color to use. Juicy yellow, deep red and bright Caribbean blue were combined with black and gray. The slim silhouette of delicate fluttering materials the models wore fluffy crochet piece that evoked the seventies.

London Fashion Week 2011 – Bora Aksu

London Fashion Week 2011: Bora Aksu auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: Lia Toby/

Bora Aksu is one of the many successful graduates of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College. Arda presented very interesting outfits with a combination of coarse rope, and shimmering fabrics. He skillfully combines techno with voluminous fluffiness surfaces.

London Fashion Week 2011 – the shows – Temperley London

London Fashion Week 2011: Temperley London auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

For nearly six years, Temperley London defected and showed in New York. Now is the label of the Stars returned. Known for her elegant gowns and party dresses presented Alice Temperley an absolutely wonderful collection. Apart from delicate sheer lace dresses, silk and tulle, there were also some sophisticated knits – so no one will freeze on the red carpet.

London Fashion Week 2011 – Issa

London Fashion Week 2011: Issa auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

The Brazilian designer and favorite of the celebrities Daniella Issa presented an absolutely joyous collection, so rich colors before teemed. Besides a lot of red brown and black were used. On the short skirts and blouses were found delicate little playful prints.

London Fashion Week 2011 – PPQ

London Fashion Week 2011: PPQ auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle:

We quite unknown in London, however, almost old hat: the label PPQ . Since 1992 design Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker chic styles. Sun adorn the front rows several British celebrities and closely watch the parade. A kind of child-woman presents the narrow party dresses and playful business outfits. Bright red lips and honest braids complete the look.

London Fashion Week 2011 – Jaeger London

London Fashion Week 2011: Jaeger London auf der London Fashion Week (Quelle: ddp)

 Another veteran of the business is Jaeger London . The label stands for a cool, urban business look. The slim silhouette is strong mustard, brown and camel dominate. Given a little black and gray, done is a very casual elegant Brit-chic.








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