UPDATE-Dut to another shocking death Our family lost another one close to the family by a hit and run driver on St.Patricks day. Eathon was in his twenties. Rest In peace! Please say yor prayers it’s a double loss!

Due to a very unexpected and shocking death in our family this week-it has been very somber here at Fashion Zing. Our ask column has been post-poned and will be starting this upcoming week instead of the original plan of this past week and our original stories as well have been put on hold.

  I would like to take a moment to reflect on the joy that my  24 year old nephew has brought to us. Obviously this is not the usual content featured, but I would like to take a moment to reflect on his life and what life is.

He was and is an enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky kind of person filled with wit, charm and humor all around. A warm, caring, and thoughtful individual. He had a fiance and was getting married, he was a 4.0 student, and he had a dog that he loved so much. He is survived by his sister Rachel who was living with him at his college dorm when she found him not breathing. He is survived by his brothers Daniel and Michael.

He was extremely close to his family and talked to his mother all the time, in fact his mother wasn’t sure what to do with herself, her children were all growing up and fleeing the nest she had prepared all  those years for them since they were babies and now it was their mothers time to figure out what to do with herself. Even though you know your kids are growing up you always see them as  babies and remember when they were in diapers. You always think that your kids are going to out live you.

 It is very hard to understand, but this we know-Dennis is making God and the angels all laugh in heaven! God needed an angel and certainly got one with Dennis-we can see his halo from here!!! On a serious note for us it was all too quickly, but for God it was right on time. God is in control and knows what he is doing.

 It is so strange to look at someone who you once knew, who passed away and you quickly realize that at at that point it is just a body, for his lively spirit is just not there anymore.

This is what I am proposing you do with your life, this is a choice for you to make. Let go of all the little things in your life that are bothering you right now-let it go-cherish your loved ones and embrace them as human beings that have faults-don’t hold any grudges-forgive them, for when you die nothing matters. That check you bounced, that argument you had with your mother, friend, family member-it doesn’t matter, that argument you had about finances-it doesn’t matter.

We  think that these matters are such big events in our lives at the time. In all reality-they do not matter. What matters is life right here, right now. Don’t let the daily grind fool you into thinking otherwise-life is precious, you never know if that convo. you just had with your friend maybe your last.

 We just saw my nephew on Thanksgiving-bright, cheerful and witty as  ever-always had a smile on his face. To think that is the last time I saw him alive is crazy to us. He was just starting his life-What kind of life have you possibly lived at age 24? He was going to graduate from college, get married, possibly have babies, buy a house, start a career. He never had a chance to do any of those things. I want to tell this to you, not to bore the pants off of you, but to remind you about what life really is. If 1 person  listens to this they will gain wisdom and a life fulfilled with happiness knowing  that they lived their life to its fullest capacity. I thank you for your time.

February 09, 1987 – March 06, 2011


 Rest In Peace Dennis we love you and miss you.



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2 responses to “Announcement

  1. Rahsheem Allie

    So sorry for the lose, you all will be in my prayers!!!

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