Rachel Zoe-“Neon Wonder”

Abandoning all notions of subtlety, I am a woman who likes her jewelry  to be large and loud (in most cases). Open up my treasure box—make that,  boxes—and you’ll find cocktail rings, big bangles and declarative necklaces aplenty. The pieces that I am coveting for the new season are no  different, with Tom Binns’ Hand Painted Crystal Messai Necklace topping  my list. It’s crazy time!


Everything Tom Binns touches turns to glamour, so naturally, I keep a watchful eye on his  avant-garde jewelry line at all times. Part of his latest Ethno Teknic  Collection, today’s electric bright gem is an out of this world piece made of rhodium and hand painted Swarovski crystals. For an untouchable springtime look, rock this necklace with a lace dress, chunky platforms and bold clutch. xoRZ

Availability: Tom Binns Hand Painted Crystal Massai Necklace ($2175, 917.475.1412). For additional information, visit Tombinnsdesign


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