Spring 2011 Trends “The Look”

  Tory Burch Pics S/S 2011

Trends: Pic 1.Focusing on Prints/Stripes/Capri Pants   Pic 2. Sheer Blouse/Wide Leg Trousers/bright  belt Pic 3 White/Sheer/Platform or Wedge heels.

 Pic 1 Bright Detailing/Calf-grazing Skirt   Pic 2 Metallic Shirt Mixed with Calf-grazing Skirt Pic 3 Metallic Pants Peasant Blouse. 

 It’s All about Prints! Pic 1 Hot pants with a paisley print mixed w/Printed Shirt and Printed Sweater

Pic 2 PaisleyPrinted Jacket w/Capri Pants.  Pic 3 Color Trends White and  Black Tunic,White Jacket

Accessorize with Lucite cuffs or bangles, Wedge or Platform shoes, Kitten heels, Ballet flats, or Clogs. Also add Brights such as a Bright Belt/shoes/Scarf/Handbag. Don’t overpower your outfit add only a couple statement pieces, especially with bright pieces. Same goes for prints usually 1-2 statement pieces are more than enough with these 2 trends stick to neutrals and basic clothing concepts and then add your 1-2 statement pieces-you don’t want to blind people as you walk by or look like a tiger that escaped from the zoo! You will get more out of your wardrobe that way anyways. 










  Tory Burch Must Have Items: 

Everything seen here is by Tory Burch-So Fabulous!


















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