Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy


Bethenny’s Wedding Pics Only Cost $10,000 to $25,000

Pic by: Ok!

 When I first saw Bethenny Frankel on “The Real Housewives Of  NYC,” I was not impressed, I just had a different impression of her. Now, after her show “Bethenny Ever After,” I think she is fabulous. My perception is different, you get to see the new, real, family- Bethenny. Frankel/Hoppy is so candid about everything and I feel like I can relate to her family life!   

 Bethenny is turning a new leaf, she has a new husband Jason who is super cool, and her 10 month old Bryn is so adorable! What do you guys think about Gina, her baby nurse? Hysterical!

Everyone with in-laws can relate to the “balance”part of being a family. As a new mama you feel torn between 2 families, and that’s only part of the suffication. I personally don’t have to deal with that because my husbands parents are deceased,but my husband has such a great family anyway, I can’t imagine his parents being any less than kind. I know I am very blessed  and not everyone has that.

  Now that I am not a new mommy things have settled down for me, personally. My point is that many families have the same issues.  Frankel/Hoppy’s sense of humor really takes over the whole show and is such a blast to watch.

If you like bethenny’s  show you will love her website! Here it is check it out! Bethenny has recipes and tips from how to make mustard chicken to healthy alternatives when flying.


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