Jennifer Hudson Opens Up To 20/20

Article By: Dime Wars

Jennifer Hudson – Actress and artist Jennifer Hudson sat down with Deborah Roberts of 20/20 to discuss her life’s triumphs and disappointments.While it’s been speculated the Jennifer Hudson finds it difficult to forgive her sister Julie for the murders of her mother, brother and nephew, Jennifer seems certain in one thing.

“God is what I feel certain about. No matter what he’s always there—always. I feel like that is the greatest gift that my mother (gave me)-that no money, no fame, no nothing could give you at all.”

“I have the greatest sadness to be sad over, but then look at the joy that I have too.”

About the new joy in her life Jennifer says,

“He’s so sweet. He loves to dance, he loves music. If my Weight Watchers commercial comes on he tells me, ‘Mama, that’s my mama!’”

On her weight loss Jennifer shares that she had no idea soo many people were watching,

“I had no idea so many people were watching,” she said.

Now people come up to her and tell her how much she has inspired them.

“Being somebody who didn’t get that kind of attention and then now, all of a sudden, it’s magnified. So a lot of times I don’t like to think about it because then it adds all the pressure,” she said.

Check out Jennifer Hudson on 20/20. Jennifer Hudson’s album “I Remember Me” drops March 22nd.


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