• FLorian Rope Necklace

    2011 March 28

    On the Ropes

    FLorian Rope Necklace

    WHAT: FLorian Rope Necklace

    WHY: Spliced with noir et crème rope, this gold-toned FLorian necklace will add a sophisticated urban touch to summer’s nautical fancies. The unisex adornment comes from the buzzy Vienna-based joaillier Florian Ladstaetter, whose craftmanship (using beadwork, horn, and braided rope) combines raw materials with refined taste.

    AVAILABLE: $210, OpeningCeremony.us

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  • Eugenia_Kim_Kelly_barrette.jpg

    2011 March 25

    Bowed Over

    Eugenia Kim Denim Kelly Barrette

    WHAT: Eugenia Kim Denim Kelly Barrette

    WHY: There’s nothing like a show-stopping hair accoutrement to cure a bad hair day, or create a great one. Gussy up a simple pony or cause some drama by clipping it headband-style at the temple with Eugenia Kim’s voluminous profusion of bows. The Kelly barrette hits the right note of playfully poufy that feels so apropos with a cocktail frock — and equally at home avec summery cutoffs and your most fab iteration of gladiator flats. Done in dark denim, this lovely set of loops is decidedly less Blair Waldorf than the best of the bows around.

    AVAILABLE: $88, Shopbop.com

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  • Charlotte_Olympia_Bebel.jpg

    2011 March 24

    Such Great Heights

    Charlotte Olympia Bebel textured cotton platform pumps

    WHAT: Charlotte Olympia Bebel textured cotton platform pumps

    WHY: When a heel measures up with a teetering height over five inches, the aesthetic appeal is usually countered by the resulting wobbly gait… and the very real possibilty of a spindly stiletto heel snapping like a twig. Quite the contrary with this punchy sunflower yellow pair of Charlotte Olympia pumps designed by British chicette Charlotte Olympia Dellal. The awe factor is definitely there — say hello to an additional 5.5 inches tacked on to your height! But the thick, angularly-cut slab of a gleaming, deep brown wood platform and a matching, commandingly wide heel offers a more stable strut, and creates a delicious contrast with the sunny woven uppers as well. It’s an utterly statement-making pair to step out in, and certainly not for the vertigo-inclined.

    AVAILABLE: $930, Net-a-Porter.com

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  • Atelier Minyon Skull Pascha Ring

    2011 March 23

    Skull N Bones

    Atelier Minyon Custom Skull Pascha Ring

    WHAT: Atelier Minyon Custom Skull Pascha Ring

    WHY: Because it’s time to take the reigns of your jewelry collection and turn it upside down. You’ll love the 18 carat hammered gold and the 2.19 carat emerald set in a pool of 3.76 carat diamonds. But we bet you’ll love the cheeky skulls even more. The two devilish divas bookmark the rococo-esq bauble fusing classic Turkish design with a contemporary twist.

    AVAILABLE: $9800, AtelierMinyon.com or call 646.478.7220


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