Bethenny Frankel/Poppy Is Blasted By Fans

 Bethenny Frankel is being blasted by fans of her show “Bethenny Ever After,” with less than great reviews of  Bethenny’s portrayal of well, her own self on her reality show. According to reports, blogs including Jewish Journal are calling her out on her alleged bad behavior. The Jewish Journal referred to Bethenny as being “mean, selfish, and narcissistic.”

It seems Bethenny is not only the star of her show but also the executive producer and is demanding that her tapes be re-edited to show her in a better light.

There is bound to be conflict and we believe Mrs.Hoppy is doing a great job and is just keeping it real. Most of us wouldn’t last a day in her shoes due to the pressures and demands she endures daily.

 Whew ! Give the girl a break! Every couple has quarrels, it is just not viewed on camera by the world. We love your honesty and love that you keep a sense of humor through it all. That’s what we like about you, that you are you.



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