“The Real House Wives Of New York City;Premiere”

  • Ramona Singer,

    Housewives NYC

    “It was surreal to sit on the couch and listen to Kelly’s wackiness and all the nonsense coming from Jill’s mouth. I wanted to be back in the bush with the zebras and elephants!!!”

  • Jill Zarin,

    Housewives NYC

    “For the first two seasons you’ve watched me, for the most part, in my better moments. This season – not all perfect. But through it all we’ve learned together that people make mistakes.”

  • Kelly Killoren Bensimon,

    Housewives NYC

    “This season was cathartic. We fought, we talked, we moved on. We are all unpredictable and that’s what makes us fun to watch.”

  • Cindy Barshop
  • Sonja Morgan

What do my readers think about the premiere episode of “The Real Housewives Of New York City?” Are you “Team Jill or “Team Ramona?”

Where do I begin? This show has had its many ups and downs, to say the least, it’s been a crazy show! If you ask my opinion and this is only my opinion, there is way too much drama on this show for anybody to handle. It’s only the premiere episode, but already Jill has started up with her gossip. It’s obvious from previous episodes that her and Alex Mccord don’t get along because of Alex delivering a message to Jill Zarin regarding Bethenny Frankel being “done with Jill’s friendship.”

 I personally believe that it was wrong of Alex, but I like Alex because of her honesty and believe Alex was just sick of Jill’s gossip. If Jill has a problem with Alex she should just tell her instead of talking about her while she is standing right next to her. I thought Jill was turning a new leaf, but apparently “the leaf  blew away,” as Andy Cohen of  Bravo T.V., so eloquently put it. On this new episode Jill and Alex ended up going to the same wedding  as Jill talked about Alex’s bad choice in dress color. Seriously Jill, get a life! There are people who have no food to eat, shelter, and are disabled with no limbs!

What do you guys an gals think about Kelly Killoren-Bensimon? Is she really crazy? Jill tried to smooth things over by saying “Kelly has been through  a lot,” but what should we believe? I know that the Kelly I saw seemed really confused and really didn’t make any sense.(I am referring to the episode where Ramona invites the women to celebrate the renewing of her vows with a get-away vacation.)

 Up until this point, I wasn’t really worried for her. I am the type of person that would never say something bad about anybody, but it was obvious that something was seriously wrong with her on the episode. I believe that Kelly has had a lot of pressure being on the show being with a group of head strong woman who are constantly at battle and I am sure that the press definitely didn’t help matters  either. I believe that everything took a toll on Kelly. What I am not sure about is why Kelly never seems to make sense, but as she said on the finale of last seasons show with Andy Cohen present, Kelly, “will turn the volume down and up in a conversation.” I took this as meaning that she will enter a conversation in the middle of it without knowing what it’s really about and make a comment or she will tune out certain conversations. Again, this is only an opinion being expressed, I am not a doctor, but a journalist, and I just think the whole thing is strange.  

Cindy Barshop is the newest house wife on the show. I think that the show could really use a fresh face and that Cindy will make a great addition. Cindy has a product line that makes “hair removal sexy,” according to her. She is a single mom with two gorgeous babies which were conceived on her own without a surrogate. Barshop comes off as a confident, strong, and happy woman who has everything, but a husband. Cindy is a beautiful brunette with a spectacular body.  Miss Cindy could really bring a new dynamic to the group which would be good considering  the ever-present toxicity swirling among the group. 

It will really be interesting to see how the show will evolve with Cindy being the newest  house wife. Will Barshop be welcomed with open arms or will she end up becoming the latest casualty of “The Real House Wives” War?

Sonja Morgan was donning a fine accessory, a great looking man accessory that is, on the premiere episode. According to Sonja,”the only problem this new man possibly could pose is that, Sonja is newly divorced and has a lot of loose ends to tie up!” You can tell that the new man in her life  adores her. We will have to see how their relationship develops. Will he be here to stay or gone tomorrow?

Do you think Ramona treated the women too harsh as they were interviewed to work for Ramona’s business? Personally, I feel that she was a little harsh, but when you are representing a skin care line you have to be well put together and out-going in that type of position. Ramona can come off harsh and that’s just her personality and if you don’t know that about her you could feel a little put off by her.

We here at Fashion Zing can’t wait for the next episode! Stay Tuned!

 We look forward to your comments. As always, only comments with class will be published-Thank You!!!


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