Katie Keeps Mum at Lavo

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Katie Holmes Katie Holmes
JIMI CELESTE/patrickmcmullan.com
(NEW YORK) Sometimes the star of the show isn’t feeling particularly starry — or chatty. But who, then, was the belle of the ball at last evening’s soiree for the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour short flick (or lengthy commercial — tomato, to-mah-to) starring Katie Holmes, entitled The Decision?

It definitely wasn’t Holmes, who grinned girlishly in a white blazer and cig skinnies on the red carpet before ducking inside to nibble quietly at a roped-off table on her special-order basket of fragrant truffled fries while the brief b&w film debuted. Elle’s creative director Joe Zee made the introductory remarks for the “modern film noir” starring Holmes, along with a few nervous mentions of next Tuesday’s premiere of Zee’s Sundance Channel series, All On The Line. No need, darling — it’s already TiVo-ed!

Or, perhaps the night’s true attraction was the quartet of Real Housewives from Gotham. After all, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer shivered outdoors in body-con sleeveless frocks the longest for the paps and the press. Goosebumps and gabbing with gusto surely count for something, non?

The venue deserves a mention in and of itself: Lavo, where the clubby, cologne-saturated vibe downstairs apparently wafts into the Italian steakhouse situated above street level. It’s a pity that The New York Times’ dining section dynamo Sam Sifton wasn’t in attendance to provide some addendums to his side-splittingly funny Lavo review from the fall. Of last night’s noshes, the citrusy tuna tartare atop crostini and prosciutto-swaddled asparagus spears were rather tasty. But the Kobe meatball sliders were a more effective accompaniment for the amount of Pinot Grigio being sloshed into Lavo’s enormous goblets. No complaints for a generous pour, though. It was happy hour-timed, after all!

And as Sifton astutely noted, Kelly Bensimon and Tinsley Mortimer were there for the eatery’s debut eve in September and “apparently put some kind of spell on the place, because roughly 70 percent of the women who eat at the restaurant look like one or the other of them.” Well, both Bensimon and Mortimer mingled amid the quilted leather walled banquettes, posed in tandem for a few glossy-locked photos– and were indeed surrounded by myriad ladies who looked like them.

As the applause for The Decision subsided and the din of the fete resumed, one partygoer pondered aloud to a friend, “why is Katie here? If I were her, I’d rather be home with my kid and husband right now.” But the bassline ratcheted louder and the lights dimmed before the why’s and the who’s of the gathering could be pondered any further.



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