Gretchen Rossi’s Relationships “A Tangled Web”

Warning May Contain Strong Language To Some People!!!! 


Watching R.H.O.C. or O.C. as it has been called really had us asking more questions about Gretchen Rossi’s relationships. What was the real story behind Gretchen Rossi’s past and who were the other husbands beside Jeff that she had married. What we found was a lot of people s opinions claiming to be on Gretchen’s side and claims to be on Laurie’s side, Slade’s ex whom Slade was supposedly dating on a previous House Wifes Show, claims to be against Jeff whom has died, and claims to be on the side of Gretchen Rossi’s other ex Chris Rossi. Some how Tamra’s husband at the time was involved supposabley. It is one tangled web of lies, hurt, and deceit. So what is really true? It is impossible to really know, but I will let you decide for yourselves and give you excerpts of information we have found. Let us know what you think and please fill us in on what you have heard so far by leaving us comments. We would love to hear  from you!

Here is information we have found so far and remember this information dates from November 30, 2008-January 7th 2009. Let’s take a look and help us fill in the missing pieces since then.

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November 30, 2008 10:38 PM
Anonymous said…
Same Chris Rossi that slept with Chris Q’s wife??? Then went golfing with him the next day??? And swore a month later to Chris Q that he didn’t? Then Stacy decides to tell her husband the truth and Chris Rossi has to beg for his life… So after your done hiding your sister make sure your wife is close…..
November 30, 2008 10:55 PM
Anonymous said…
Gretchen broke up with the car salesman a couple of months back for a while. He started calling half the county. The car salesman said Gretchen’s story of a romance and engagement to Jeffrey was FAKE. Her real single swinging party-girl story did not fit the niche BRAVO was looking for, so she made up a better tear-jerker story to get on TV and convinced Jeff to go along with it. Jeff was only a friend and paying Gretchen to give him injections and take care of him. At least that’s the gobbledygook she fed the boyfriend. Who’s the liar?
Read Jeana’s blog. She said Gretchen would be better suited for SCRIPTED television. HMM, smart girl, that Jeana.


November 30, 2008 11:14 PM
Anonymous said…
Gretchen would not be good for any television. her fifteen are ticking.
November 30, 2008 11:20 PM
Anonymous said…
I just looked at Jeana’s blog and read Slade’s while I was there.
Slade said “We ended up inviting my girlfriend Gretchen Rossi up to L.A. and take part in the video.” He was speaking of Jo’s video. Someone was posting somewhere else that Gretchen and Slade were an item.
Not Really Anonymous….
December 1, 2008 12:01 AM
Anonymous said…
Wow…all the anonymous posts…I’ll jump right in. There are some angry ex’s and family members here! Come out and say who you are. You can join many other family members of R.H.O.C. cast members who want to get the truth out about people on the show that are portraying complete lies and are as vile and disgusting as your little Gretchen.
I hope you sympathize with the ex’s of George and Lauri Peterson and all that they have been through and the blatant fabrications shown on TV.
Pizza Girl is interesting considering when the families of George and Lauri’s ex’s wanted to share the nightmares they were going through, she wants to silence them. However, because she is a Tamra behind kisser/wannabe, she relishes in this the truth about Gretchen. VERY hypocritical.
I say go for it. You as family members have every right to tell your side of the story and balance out the facade that is being shown on the TV., but don’t lambast other family members of the other cast members when they do the same!
I’ll take mine with double cheese….
December 1, 2008 12:44 PM
Pizza Girl said…
LOL. I knew someone would eventually try to make this blog all about George and Lauri. I’m not going to chase down that red herring here.
When that car salesman got dumped, he called people who were not housewives to vent on Gretchen. One of those people tipped me off. I checked out his MySpace and saw a boat load of pictures backing up his claim that he was dating Gretchen in the first half of 2008.
Look at these posts on TWOP and in the OC Register that have his angry tire prints all over them. Curious, the negative Gretchen posts from justice stopped the day she became the car saleman’s top MySpace friend. Blackmail perhaps?
Sep 29, 2008 @ 11:22 pm Post#6921
Gretchen Rossi knows what Tamara and Vicki are up to. And you will see it with her “Now, I am the hottest housewife in O.C.” attitude (toward Tamara) which is mentioned several times as well as a “Just because I’m the new girl… Doesn’t mean you get to tell me to shut up!” saying towards Vicki after Vicki pulled her so-called famous line “shut up” towards Gretchen putting Vicki back in her seat in a limo.
Sep 30, 2008 @ 8:51 am Post#6925
Slade Smiley did try to get a spot on season 4 through Gretchen Rossi. Slade is the one who went to bravo through Katie McIntosh to get Gretchen on the show. after getting Gretchen on the show, Slade put it to Gretchen that he and her should date on the show to create controversy. This was per Slade done through the urging of Scott Dunlop. NOW after months of rejection by Gretchen Rossi, Slade is putting his friends on Gretchen. It is my understanding Gretchen has now met and willing to meet Slade’s friends but not Slade due to her friendship with Jo. Gretchen has said this is only for the storyline for Season 5…
Oct 3, 2008 @ 10:28 am Post#6947
Gelusa is Slades’ Girlfriend now. Or at least it was. He is rumored not to be taking her on his trip to San Antonio today for the weekend to attend a wedding. Ooops. sorry need to keep this on topic. He is trying to get Gretchen to go on this trip with him. Lauri is now getting involved and telling Gretchen to STAY AWAY from Slade.
Comment on: O.C.’s ‘Real Housewives’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ at 10/1/2008 11:38 PM
PDT on
Part of the time line I’m talking about. While still sharing a home with Christopher Rossi Gretchen is in Indy with Jeff…
Comment on: O.C.’s ‘Real Housewives’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ at 10/1/2008 10:44 PM
PDT on
Gretchen I’m learning has been a busy girl. The story for the show that “she has been dating Jeff for 2 years,” but that doesn’t make sense. Gretchen and Chris filed for divorce in July 2007? Gretchen is known to have slept with 2 co-workers in the Real estate industry from 2005 – 2006 Had a relationship with someone with last name Caine from July 2007 to Jan 2008. Then someone with the last name of Photoglou from Jan 2008 till Sept 2008. Even attending the sex and the city party in a Limo with Photoglou in early June with no ring on. They where at one point with all the other Housewives and their husbands. This should be interesting to see how they edit all of this to make sense with the facts that are public record.
Comment on: O.C.’s ‘Real Housewives’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ at 10/1/2008 5:15 PM
PDT on
And Gretchen has changed her name on the MySpace page too… now using middle name instead of previous husbands last name of Rossi
Comment on: O.C.’s ‘Real Housewives’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ at 10/1/2008 7:02 AM
PDT on
BTW Rchang…. I tend to disagree with you on the “Rossi’s relationship with Beitzel, his illness and his death are expected to be a major part of her story arc on “Housewives.”” comment as in the opening Video (where the girls families are shown) it is Gretchen and her dogs not her and beitzel or his kids….
Comment on: O.C.’s ‘Real Housewives’ to appear on ‘Oprah’ at 9/29/2008 8:37 AM
PDT on
I do know that Jake has been filmed for the show. Whether it shows on air or not I do not know. Also he has removed the picture described in this article from his MySpace page. Pretty sure the relationship between Gretchen and Jake is strained.
Comment on: A new ‘Housewife,’ possibly two, to appear in November at 9/25/2008
10:09 AM PDT on
Gretchen has a thickening storyline… and it’s told to me that Slade is as usual, is having her interviewing new prospects to have her continue on the show next year. This is how it should have read….
December 1, 2008 1:39 PM
Anonymous said…
Pizza Girl is a 50 year old unmarried (dumped twice) woman who lives her dull life through reality TV scum. Pathetic. She is also responsible for additional anonymous posts here. She has multiple screen names and posts multiple times. She tries to take over every board/blog she finds. An unhealthy, sick cry for attention. Take some meds!
December 1, 2008 2:13 PM
Anonymous said…
Is this car salesman Simon Barney, Tamra’s husband? It probably is. It explains why Tamra has such hatred for Gretchen. After all she is younger and prettier and not so splotchy!
December 1, 2008 6:22 PM
Anonymous said…
Why all the hate for Gretchen? Wasn’t Jeff a grown man who was supposedly super intelligent? If he was so smart, why was he married 5 times and why did he let this horrible gold digger get his money? I think people hate on the Gretchens of the world because they hate admitting that some men like really hot women to hang around with and they’re willing to pay for it, if they have the $$$ to afford one.
December 1, 2008 7:24 PM
Anonymous said…
I agree with you. They used each other! Get over it! And wife number 2/5…haven’t you ever heard the saying “fool me once, shame on you…fool me TWICE….????
Sounds again like a bunch of white trash…everyone involved! They all used and screwed each other!
December 1, 2008 11:43 PM
Anonymous said…
Gretchen is hot. I hope she got all she could out of this guy before he croaked! You go girl!!!
 These peeps are just JEALOUS OLD, UGLY HAGS.
Do these words really straighten out anything or do you feel that we are really not getting

anywhere, it’s just him vs. her vs. him vs. her and a lot of very mixed emotions.
 How do you feel about Gretchen Rossi’s past? Does this information give you a jaded picture of her? Do you still feel the same about her?  Do you now feel that she may be a bit of, let’s just say, a really friendly neighbor?  Are you on her side and believe that she is innocent of all the slander? Do you believe that people started fabricating the truth about her out of jealousy? It will be really interesting to see if the truth is ever revealed.

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