Lawsuit Against Duffy and LVMH

Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs

(NEW YORK) Earlier this week, Patrick Lataillade, a former Marc Jacobs executive, filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs International president Robert Duffy, naming Marc Jacobs International and LVMH Inc. as defendants in the suit. It alleges violations of state and city laws on charges of sexual discrimination and retaliation, as well as that Latailade, the former chief financial officer and chief operating officer of Marc Jacobs who was let go in September, was “subjected to a discriminatory environment offensive to him” and was “fired in retaliation for objecting to that environment.” Examples of the hostile work environment include Duffy’s “production and dissemination of a book that included photos of MJI staff in sexual positions or nude” (presumably Brian Bowen Smith‘s The Men and Women of Marc Jacobs, which was celebrated after the designer’s fashion show in September) and “Duffy’s use of a nude photograph for a billboard advertisement,” among other charges. The suit also alleges that Duffy used company funds for personal expenditures. Marc Jacobs, the individual, was not named in the suit.

“The intentional nature of LVMH’s failure to prevent discrimination and retaliation is consistent with its pattern of weighing public reaction before punishing biased conduct,” the suit asserts, referencing LVMH’s recent dealings with the dismissal of John Galliano. “The allegations contained in the complaint are false,” said an LVMH spokesperson. “Patrice Lataillade was terminated as chief financial officer and chief operating officer of MJI for serious matters unrelated to the allegations contained in the complaint. MJI, LVMH Inc. and Robert Duffy will vigorously defend the case in court.” In court papers, Lataillade asserts that he brought Duffy’s behavior to the attention of MJI executives and LVMH’s general counsel, but no action was taken. According to the complaint, he was discharged “within less than a week” of his attorneys sending an email to the CEO of Marc Jacobs International and the general counsel of LVMH regarding the “legal situation.” Although he was fired for cause per his employment contract, he asserts that the offer of a severance package is “inconsistent with a ’cause’ termination.”

Lataillade joined LVMH’s Paris operation in May 1996, which was followed by a stint at LVMH-owned Donna Karan in New York. He began working at Marc Jacobs International as its chief executive officer in 2002; in 2006, he was promoted to COO. When he left the company, his compensation package was $1 million a year. He is seeking lost wages, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, compensatory and punitive damages, and other relief deemed appropriate by the court.

The CFDA Announces Spring 2012 Schedule

Lincoln Center Lincoln Center
Getty Images View Gallery

(NEW YORK) As editrixes are still nursing jet lag, the Council of Fashion Designers of America is looking ahead to Resort 2011 and beyond. Just this morning, the CFDA announced the upcoming Fashion Week and market calendar for New York. Resort 2011 collections will debut Monday, June 6 through Friday, June 17. Designers have been asked to show exclusively within the two week schedule, as in past years. Spring 2012 will commence during New York Fashion Week from Thursday, September 8 until Thursday, September 15. Next February, New York’s chic set will glimpse Fall 2012 at Lincoln Center on Thursday, February 9, until Thursday, February 16 followed by London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

 LVMH Buys Controlling Share in Bulgari

Bernard Arnault, LVMH chief executive officer Bernard Arnault, LVMH chief executive officer
(NEW YORK) LVMH has added Bulgari to its glittering array of high-end jewelry brands, in a deal worth a reported 3.7 billion euros.  The  negotations LVMH is set to purchase is the Bulgari family’s controlling 50.4 percent stake in Bulgari S.p.A, in exchange for 16.5 million LVMH shares. For the 127-year-old  jewelry house, the big-ticket swap of shares also involves two seats on LVMH’s board and a plum role as the second-largest family shareholder in the powerhouse luxury conglomerate, which owns more than 60 brands running the gamut of pedigreed names from couture to champagne. Francesco Trapani, Bulgari’s chief executive officer, is slated for a senior role at LVMH as a result of the deal. Since this morning’s announcement, Bulgari’s stock price for the remaining shares, offered as part of a tender offer by LVMH, spiked 59 percent, to 12.10 euros per share.

Bulgari traces its roots back to 19th century Greece, when company founder Sotirio Boulgaris opened a metalsmith’s shop on the island of Corfu with his parents before relocating to Rome in 1870 and romanized the family name to its current spelling in 1880. The brand’s ethos shifted from silver to upscale, precious stones in 1905, and the second generation assumed leadership of the company in 1932. After reflecting Parisian jewelry trends such as Art Deco design until the 1960s, Bulgari developed a distinct style recognized by hallmarks such as smooth, domed cabochon cut trumping the classic faceted diamondwork. The brand then designed an influx of watches in the 1970s, followed by slow times in the next decade and a veritable comeback in the ’90s via expansion including a lucrative and constantly multiplying foray in the fragrance realm. In 1995, Bulgari S.p.A. went public in the Milan market.

The latest chapter in Bulgari’s history of its acquisition by LVMH unfolds on the success of the company’s revenue of approximately one billion euros in 2010, up 15 percent from the prior year. LVMH chief executive officer Bernard Arnault, known for his formidable businss prowess and bargaining tactics, considers the Bulgari clan to be “entrepreneurs that know and excel in all aspects of the business.” 


Congratulations! Nina Garcia Has a Baby Boy

 Project Runway judge and Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia gave birth to her second son, Alexander David Conrod.

Alexander, her second son with husband David Conrod, weighs 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and is doing great.

We send our warmest wishes to Nina, who was in the office — and looking fabulous — until the very end of her pregnancy … four days before giving birth! Now that’s quite the working mother.

Share your best wishes for Nina and her fam in the comments section below! I just saw this Nina Garcia, but  wanted to say a really belated congrats!!! You are my favorite on Project Runway and as Fashion Director. I respect you and your position, which is where I hope to be someday, sitting in a similar seat. One thing I do know is the pleasure of motherhood, which is also quite amazing. There is no other job that compares!!!   

Exclusive Q&A: Publicist and Author Jessica Kleiman on Selling Yourself

February 4, 2011 3:00 PM by Ashley Ross
Remember the scary quote in The Devil Wears Prada when Emily Blunt tells Anne Hathaway that a million girls would kill for her job? With the current economy, we’re well aware that a million girls would kill for any job. Thanks to Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper’s new book, you’ll have just what you need to stand out from the crowd in the workplace. “Whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion or recognition in the job you have, the techniques will apply,” Kleiman says. Cooper, managing director of the Home & Lifestyle Division at DeVries PR, teamed up Kleiman a longtime friend and Hearst’s vice president of public relations, to write Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired and Rewarded at Work (Career Press, Jan. 20) We spoke to Kleiman about writing during her maternity leave, working with a girlfriend and why the word ‘pubic’ will always stick out in a cover letter.

  What was the hardest part about writing the book?
I actually got the book deal the week before my daughter was born last February. I was very excited but nervous since this was my first child and I had no idea what it would be like when I was raising a newborn. So, I didn’t nap during my 12-week maternity leave. I finished all of my chapters during that three-month period and then Meryl took the mantle and did the rest of the writing, then we traded and edited.

 When you’re writing with a partner, there are pros and cons. The pros are that you are splitting the work and the cons are that you might have a different style, which can take some getting used to. Meryl and I work very well together, but she was exceedingly busy and there were times when she couldn’t necessarily get to the work that was on our schedule, which made me a little bit nervous but of course she got it done. We had to figure out the best way to work together.

 The book is full of anecdotes, which one is your favorite?
My favorite one is actually one of mine. I’ve been at Hearst for 10 years and I’ve been running the PR department for eight and half of those years, so I’ve interviewed somewhere between 300 and 500 people. One person, though, never made it to the interview process because she wrote a cover letter saying she wanted to work in ‘pubic’ relations, not public. When you’re reaching out to a potential employer, whatever you send them should be the best example of your work.

 What are the three most important career lessons women can learn from the book?
The book is divided into three parts: prepare, project and protect. To prepare, it’s extremely important to have your key messages down. You want to know what you want to say before you go into any situation. It’s important to do your research and it’s so easy to do with the Internet. Before any interview, go on the company’s website and set up a Google alert so you know what’s been going on in the news. For project, the most important lesson is to stay connected with others. We say that your network is your net worth. You want to develop relationships with as many people as possible.

 Face to face meetings are really important and informational interviews are a great way to find out about a company in a non-threatening approach. A big tip, though, is to keep in touch with people even when you don’t need something. Lightly stay in touch with people throughout the year so that when you do need help with your career it’s not transparent that you’re only going to them when you need help. For protect, it’s that once you’ve created your personal brand you want to make sure you don’t damage it. I would say the most important thing is that everything you say and post can be held against you, particularly with younger people who are living their entire lives online.

NEW YORK (AP / WCBS 880) – Donald Trump is seeking a deal with New York City to reopen the glittery Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park.

WCBS 880′s Rich Lamb with reaction from Mayor Bloomberg

 The entrance to Tavern on the Green is seen in Central Park - New York, NY - Apr 27, 2008 - Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images The entrance to Tavern on the Green is seen in Central Park – New York, NY – Apr 27, 2008 – Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Trump Organization Vice President Ron Lieberman said Thursday that the mega-developer has reached an agreement with the union that represents the Tavern’s former employees.

Trump will now have to reach a deal with the city, which owns the restaurant.

Tavern on the Green closed a year ago after 75 years. It was once one of the world’s top-grossing restaurants.

The city granted Central Park Boathouse operator Dean Poll the right to reopen the restaurant. But Poll was unable to cut a deal with the Hotel and Motel Trades Council.

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