“Ask Column”

Questions By Our readers:


Q: What is a simple way to add flair to my outfit without looking like  “trend overload”

A: Add a simple bright-colored belt to a white tee and pants  outfit or to a  “little black” dress.

You can also add an animal print scarf to a basic white tee and skinny jeans. The trick is to go simple by adding 1 trend piece to a basic wardrobe to add pow! You can dress it up or down to go from day time to evening wear.

My suggestions: Pick 1

1. Animal print hat

2. Bold-bright belt

3. Animal Print or brightly-colored scarf

4. Animal Print or brightly-colored bag

The Look-Cute, but not trend-overload! 

Q: How can I simplychange my look-

A: 1. A simple trim refreshes hair or try hair-color one shade lighter. Subtle, but not over done.

2. Use bronzer instead of the same old blush and make-up routine- to add color to your face.

3. Get a new lipstick or eyeshadow-makes a big difference!

4. Get one of this seasons new belts, scarves, bags, or new shoes.

5. Add jewelry-bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can make or break an outfit!


Q: I am a  girl who is into a guy at my gym, how do I let him know?

A: Subtley let him know by asking for his assistance on how to use a couple of the machines, or if it is an exercize class

you have with him ask him what he thinks about the instructor, the point is to make small talk so he notices you and eventually you can get up the nerve to ask him on a date. Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place. 

Q: How do I add romance to my relationship when its been a mundane work week?

A: Tell your guy that you have a suprise for him on Saturday-(Make him dinner, then draw a warm bath with rose petals leading to the tub while having your guy unzip your sexy dress as you let it drop revealing nothing underneath. It will enhance your relationship and you get to relax! He will Thank You for it!

Q:  How can I perk up our relationship while away on business trips?

A: By telling your mate what your going to do to him them when you get back home! (Enough Said)

Also may I suggest-Learn to say “I Love You” and different phrases in a different language! Its so sexy!!!

French: love you Je t’aime
I love you too Moi aussi, je t’aime
How to say I love you in French – step by step

I adore you Je t’adore
Will you marry me? Veux-tu m’épouser ?

to date sortir avec
to fall in love (with) tomber amoureux (de)
to get engaged se fiancer à (or avec)
to get married se marier avec

engagement les fiançailles
marriage le mariage
wedding les noces, le mariage
wedding anniversary l’anniversaire de mariage
honeymoon la lune de miel

Until Next Time-Hope these tips help you to be fabulous and enhance your relationships!

By: Susan  

1.) We are super excited to be starting our NEW “Ask Column”

For our interested readers we will be providing answers to your most desired

questions, Anywhere from how to wear the NEWEST FASHION TRENDS FOR

2011 to Relationship Advice.

(NOTE: we are not doctors or pretend to be licensed anything including psychologists. We just have a desire to answer our readers questions that are within reason and pertain to lots of different people-“general”questions if you will.”  Our questions will pertain to fashion and the like.This is a just for fun column and does not intend to be anything other than the purpose of fun for our readers. If you have any questions that are not for fun, but are serious we recommend you get the proper help needed by a properly licensed individual Thank You.)

JUST ASK- Send us your questions within reason to:

askfashionzing@yahoo.com Thank You and Start Asking Us Now!!!

(We will only print serious inquires-no Profanity, Vulgarity, and must be PG! We have a responsibility to our readers and will not accept anything less than class. Thank You)

March 6th Premiers  “The Real House Wifes Of Orange County” 10pm/9pm      Central

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